Music To Order

small-dancer-3Would you like some music written specifically for one of your shows or events? Then look no further! An additional feature offered by DanceInspire is our own ‘Music to Order’ service.

If there is any music you would like arranged, edited or specially composed, whether it be for dance, singing or any other combination, please contact us by email (, or by telephone (07968 471129 within the UK), and we will happily discuss your requirements. Fees will obviously vary according to the commission undertaken but we always endeavour to keep the prices as reasonable as possible.

Any style is considered, as is any length, speed or combination of speeds and time signatures. We have much experience in writing music specifically to match existing choreography and many of our pieces have been used in dance shows and performances. Music can be in solo piano form or fully orchestrated, depending on your preferences.

Existing DanceInspire pieces can also be edited if you wish to use one of the pieces from our albums but with a variation in speed and/or length.

Whatever your musical requests please feel free to call or email and discuss your ideas with us!