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In the meantime here are some comments from other customers:

“This wonderful music is inspiring to both teachers and dancers alike. Truly emotive pieces that will stay in your heart and mind forever. This music is a must for your collection.” Helen Steggles, Teacher and I.S.T.D. ballet examiner

“The only problem with using Adrian’s cd’s for ballet class, is that you want to use them all the time! Creative, imaginative music with the dynamics and tempi feeling just right for the moves intended, inspires better choreography and an enthusiastic response from the whole class. Adrian’s music gives the whole class a lift!” Diana Iles (Ballet teacher)

“I have just replied with glowing feedback on the summer school in Nottingham! Your music was incredible during the week. Molly absolutely loved dancing to it and we are all thoroughly enjoying listening and dancing to the Nursery, Senior and Ballet 1 CDs we bought from you. Charlie, who did the street dance, comes into the room and says ‘ oh, is this Adrian’s music?’ – they both recognise and love your style. I’m currently studying RAD intermediate and am too loving being able to dance to something a bit different. Thank you. When I see my youngest dancing to the nursery CD now, she is clearly responding to the music and that is awesome!” Lara Ross (parent)

“My three children, ages 2-8, have all been inspired by Adrian Sutcliffe’s music during different dance workshops. They now have DanceInspire’s CDs and absolutely love responding to each and every piece of music – their collective favourite being ‘Fairies, Pixies and Giants’ on Nursery Ballet 1! I would personally recommend these CDs to any ballet student who wants to practice at home, to parents of budding ballet dancers and to teachers who want inspiration for an exciting class.” Lara Ross

“I love your music so I know it will be worth the wait for the Junior Ballet CD. I have got the original Ballet 1 CD which I love as well.” Kate Pople (dance teacher)

“I’m one of Kate Swainston’s ladies and just wanted to say that we immensely enjoy your music in our class. It’s absolutely lovely to dance to and listen to :-)” Kasia Bacon-Buczkowska

“I just thought I would send an email to let you know I have downloaded your Nursery album, and think it is excellent! I am sitting here finishing my class plans for tomorrow and think the music is inspiring, fun and imaginative. It is really hard to find great music for nursery ballet class, and I am yet to come across something as good as this (and believe me I have listened to a lot of music for this age group). I do hope you will release more in the future.
Well done and thank you!” Victoria Bremner (Principal of VBDance)

“Recommended by I.S.T.D. – your CDs are stunning! The tracks are so beautiful I will not know what to choose!” Magda Oldchurch (dance teacher)